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We are united by our passion for the old school

We like games that are easy to learn and hard to master. Games that offer the player numerous factions, classes, skills, and options — and beg for one more turn, one more run, one more mission. Try this new party composition! Pick an unusual strategy for a faction! What about a no-magic run? This is the mindset we’re after — and we’re doing our best to provide the systems to make it fun.

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About us

  • Informal and Remote

    Founded in 2016, all we ever wanted was to create the type of games we love, not hone a corporate structure. We work from different countries and time zones, share hobbies and memes, and respect each other’s time. This type of work structure favors motivated team members — which is exactly who we need! By 2024, Unfrozen has expanded to a team of 50 people and has representatives in Limassol, Cyprus; Tashkent, Uzbekistan; and Belgrade, Serbia.

  • Yes, We’re Gamers

    Most people on our team not only play a lot, but enjoy specifically the kind of games we’re making: strategies, tactics, RPGs. It shows our passion, but even more importantly, it deepens our expertise with every new game released. We know what great ideas arise on the market and we know what our audience wants — because we want it ourselves.

  • Polishing and Execution

    Games are about ideas, but even the best idea can die if the execution is mediocre. We put significant effort to ensure the quality of the games we make: stable FPS, minimal bugs, sensible UI, readable maps, and so on. Games must challenge gamers, not make them struggle.

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    Making old school games is not about repeating their patterns

    It’s about expressing the values that drew so many players to them. We like games that are challenging and allow advanced players to make mistakes — to us, overcoming such challenges lies at the heart of gaming. But the presentation of our game, the art and UI, remain modern and accessible.

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    Challenges for competitive players, story mode for those who are only interested in the plot

    The best games are easy to learn and hard to master. We want to make sure our games can be played in different ways by different audiences. Competitive players will need to study the systems in-depth to beat high scores and find perfect strategies. Midcore players can enjoy single-player random maps at their own pace. And more casual players can just play the campaign for the plot. None of these are mutually exclusive.

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    We respect the community

    What is a game developer without their audience? Ultimately, we make games for the people — and we respect your feedback and understanding of what you want. We’ll never rush to implement any change suggested by the community immediately, but we definitely monitor the community closely and keep an eye on what you think.