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Double the Fun, Double the Evil

Double the Fun, Double the Evil

Hello Necromancers,

Or maybe… more than just necromancers?

You’re probably wondering why we went silent for a while. And that is because making games takes time. Since the release of Iratus, we’ve been working steadily to bring you more fun and more evil — but we want to have well-rounded projects on our hands before we announce them. Hence the lull in publicity.

And yes, you heard that right — projects. We are currently working on two games! One of them is likely what you’re expecting — the Iratus universe is expanding (but even that comes with a twist). The other is bigger, more ambitious, and might come as a surprise. It’s a PC-centered turn-based game set in a fantasy world. More news will follow.

The team has grown to more than 40 people. We are no longer that tiny yet ambitious studio that brought you Iratus — instead, we are a medium-sized yet ambitious studio!

But the fire in our eyes remains the same — and that fire spells a soon-to-come encounter with death, reanimation, darkness… and more. So stay tuned for further announcements that are hopefully coming soon!

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