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2023 in Review

2023 in Review

2023 was a pivotal year for Unfrozen. We've done a lot — and you'll start seeing the results next year.

🌟 Growth and Expansion

This year, we welcomed more talented professionals to the studio. That makes us 50+ strong now, working remotely from all over the world — a far cry from the small indie team we started as!

More people means more hands to create bigger and more ambitious games, as well as more expertise to ensure their quality. We mentioned already that we have two projects in the works — and one of them boasts a significantly larger scope than Iratus. Which means more awesome games for you!

💼 Big, Big Publisher

In a game-changing move, we signed a partnership deal with a world-famous publisher — it opens up incredible opportunities for us (and you — as, once again, it leads to more gaming awesomeness). Can't wait to announce the details next year!

For now, the takeaway is that this is another way to ensure bigger, more interesting, and more polished titles... and maybe a return to something familiar. 😉

💙 You

We were overwhelmed by the support you've shown us when we broke our radio silence. Thank you! Games don't exist without their audience, and our main mission is and always has been to entertain you, challenge you, create worlds and systems for you — and nothing is more encouraging than your comments and support.

Expect exciting news from us next year — lots of them.

Happy Holidays!

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